Forged in the fires of creative innovation, emerging as a beacon of sonic innovation and storytelling mastery, Unvaulted Productions is a nexus where artistry and technology collide and the boundaries of reality are stretched to embrace the boundless universe of imagination to create a new sonic universe.

The Genesis of Unvaulted Productions

Unvaulted Productions was born from the relentless passion of composer, Pranay Shah.

His vision was clear - to create a hub where creators from all corners of the cinematic universe could find the perfect musical essentials for their projects. With a deep-rooted love for synthesizers, technology and orchestras, Pranay set out to craft an empire where music is an integral part of storytelling.

Unvaulting Infinite Soundscapes

We embark on a relentless mission to be the vanguard of musical exploration in the realms of films and television. We believe that music transcends boundaries, propelling audiences into uncharted territories of emotion and suspense. We breathe life into stories, amalgamating innovation and ingenuity.

The One-Stop Musical Safe

Unvaulted Productions is your unparalleled destination for all things musical in the world of films and television. Whether it's crafting heart-pounding trailer compositions, weaving intricate scores that synchronize with the pulse of your narrative, or conjuring atmospheric soundtracks that transport audiences to alternate realities. Our audio alchemists turn sounds into auditory gold.

Collaboration Beyond Conception

We don't just create music; we foster collaboration. At Unvaulted Productions, we believe that the magic happens when creative minds merge their energies. We invite filmmakers, producers, directors, and visionaries to embark on this journey with us, where music becomes a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary, where imagination knows no bounds, and where every note is a key to unlocking the limitless possibilities of the human spirit.